ivia Caporale has been in the beauty industry for years.  She is a licensed cosmetologist focusing her artistic ability on hair design. Livia was self-taught and then went on to receive her professional and formal training at Pivot Point Academy. While in cosmetology school she continued to do free-lance work for weddings, photo shoots, fashion and print.

Her approach to success and great service is by putting her clients at ease and listening to their needs.When Livia sees a client an image of a style comes to mind. She then takes into consideration her clients likes and dislikes, personality, features and face shape. Livia then personalizes a style unique to fit each individual, creating a polished version of themself.

Livia is bringing convenience and beauty from a professional stylist to your location so you can relax and enjoy! If you ask Livia’s clients they would say she truly loves her job.